The 14th Edition of the Cultural Magazine of Hadhramaut



The Cultural Magazine of Hadhramaut is quarterly published by the Hadhramaut Center  for Historical Studies, Documentation and Publication. It is 14th edition contains the following articles:

Dr. Abdullah al-Ja’idi: Historical documents from Hadhramaut

Dr. Ahmad Hadi BaHartha: Peace in Hadhramaut through the Hadhrami press

Yislam Salih Bin Dahlous: Weakness of the Kathiri State and and its End: The Causes and Consequences 

Dr. Muhammad Alawi bin Yahya: Reflections on the Dialect of Tarim

Ahmad Salah al-Rabaki: A Historical Document: Tarim’s Social Leaders in the period of 1177 to 1211 (Islamic calendar)

Dr. Abdullah Hussain al-Bar: Modernity of the Vernacular in the “Bakhit and Mabkhut” Divan by Dr. Sa’id al-Jariri   

Zuhair al-Huwaymal: Disconnection and Connection of the Two Parts of Imagery in the Divan “Rabi al-Hawa” by Abdul Qadir Al-Kaf

Dr. Abdul Basit Sa’id al-Ghurabi: The Sense of the Sea in the Hadhrami Songs and Chants

Mahmud Alawi BaHarun: The Sea and its Conditions in the Codes of Hadhrami Skippers

Fayz Muhammad BaAbbad: Stories of the Absence of Sailors in the al-Mishqasi* Anecdotal Heritage

Hans Helfritz: Land without Shade, translated into Arabic by Dr. Khalid Awadh bin Makhashin

Aydha Hassan al-Amiri: al-Shihr and its Links to al-Mahrah: A Review in Sa’id bin Salim al-Jadhi’s Book “The History of al-Mahrah”

Abdul Aziz BaMahsun: An Interview with Photographer Suzan BaAqil

Dr. Sa’id Salim al-Jariri: “Are you already having a boyfriend?” (Poem in Hadhrami Dialect)

Dr. Muhammad bin Alawi BaWazir: al-Mukallah: The Joke in Folk Poetry

Marwa Faraj al-Kalali: The Old Palm (Short Story)

Salih Bahraq: Hadhrami Windows on a Sorrow in the Road (Short Story)

*A region in Hadhramaut’s steppe