Publication of the Cultural Magazine Abyan

On March 28, 2019, the newly founded University of Abyan in Zinjibar published the first issue of the cultural magazine Abyan in the eponymous governorate. The magazine deals with literary, social, historical, cultural, and anthropological topics. This first edition contains the following topics:

  1. Preface by Prof. Dr. Mahmood Al-Maisari, head of the magazine and rector of the University of Abyan
  2. Moral Values and its Importance for the Building of the Society by Dr. Nada Shafik Ata
  3. Alkathib: The Forgotten History (al-Kathib is a 150m high dune near the town Ja’ar in Abyan) by Dr. Mohammed Mansoor Balaid
  4. Yaramis: The Valley of Yemen and the Narrative of Time by Dr. Saleh Aqeel Bin Salem
  5. Shilub: Between Al-Haidari and Al-Awlaqi (Shilub is a fortress in Shabwa) by Salem Aydarus Al-Awsagi
  6. When Modern Medicine Found its Way to Yafa by Dr. Abdullah Al-Dhubaei
  7. File of the Issue: The Abyan Agriculture Board with English Eyes translated into Arabic by Dr. Abdulhakim Alhasel

The file covers three topics that had been published in English at different times and that deal with the Agriculture Board in Abyan. This board was run by people from the Sultanates of Yafa and al-Fadhli.

A The Development Plan of Abyan (published in English in the journal Hawliah in 1953/1954, issued in Aden)

B The Progress of the Abyan Development Plan (published in English in the journal Hawliah in 1957/1958, issue in Aden)

C The fourth chapter of the book ‘Sahharat Zinjibar’ [Zinjibar’s Chest] by Aidan Hartley

  1. Poem: Mu’radhah by Mohammed Shaykh Al-Gami

A Response Poem to ‘Abu Tamam and Today’s Arabism’ by the late Yemeni poet Abdullah Al-Baraduni (d. 1999) 

  1. Poem: Umm Balkis by Salem Al-Abd Hamood
  2. Short Story: Triumph of Justice by Mohammed Al-Khadher Al-Mahoary
  3. Ethnology:

A A Poem in Abyani Dialect by Nasir Abdurabbuh Makrash (Abu Homhomah)

B Poetic Debate: Who would help a Lover? by several poets of Dahief (local Abyani and Lahiji tradition of dance and singing)

  1. Customs and Traditions: The Rituals of Tacheer by Dr. Abdulaziz Bin Aqeel
  2. The Birth of the University of Abyan by Prof. Dr. Mahmud Ali Atef Al-Kaladi

The publication of this journal follows many years of stagnation of cultural activities in Abyan. This stalemate was caused by the difficult political and security situation and the lack of government support for cultural and scientific activities in the governorate for more than two decades.

Head: Prof. Dr. med. Mahmood Al-Maisari

Editor-in-Chief: Mohammed Naser Al-Awlaqi

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