The 2nd Edition of the Cultural Magazine Abyan

On March 28, 2019, the newly founded University of Abyan in Zinjibar published the first issue of the cultural magazine Abyan in the eponymous governorate. The 2nd edition contains the following topics:

  1. Civilization and Nomadism in Arabic Poetry by Dr. Saeed al-Awadi
  2. The Rhythm in Medinan Suras of the Quran by Dr. Salih Abdullah Mansour
  3. Excerpts from Jabr’s Academic Work (Abdulmutalib Ahmad Jabr, born in Hadramaut in 1953, was the president of the Department of Arabic language at the University of Aden. He died in 2016.) by Salih Aqeel Bin Salim
  4. Abdullah Fadhl Farea as Poet and Literary Critic by Dr. Salim Al-Salafi
  5. Historical Review and Analysis of Songs from Abyan by Dr. Saeed Ba Younus
  6. Overview of Surrealism in Al-Maqalih Poems by Ahmad Mahdi Salim
  7. The Poetry: Fortress of the Tribe by Salim Aydaraus Al-Awsagi
  8. The Poets Al-Sayeed al-Bagdidi and Ba Sardah (two local poets from Shabwa) by Ahmad Bu Salih
  9. The Introductory Verses of Sung Poems and Their Irony by Bader Qasim Al-Atawi
  10. The “White Dune” in Abyan: An Ancient Pilgrimage Site in Southern Arabia by R.B. Serjeant, translated into Arabic by Sinaa Mohammed Yahya, introduction by Dr. Mohammed Mansur Baleed

The issue also contains poems, stories and contributions to folklore.

Head: Prof. Dr. Mahmood Al-Maisari

Editor-in-Chief: Mohammed Naser Al-Awlaqi

Full Edition